Late Summer Thoughts

I like braindumps, they serve multiple purposes for me. And since I’m using this platform to air my other brain wanderings, I figure why not post the occasional braindump? It gives you a glimpse into what it’s like inside my head and it lets me get these thoughts out of the way so I can get back to writing other stuff. Win-win?

distractions abound. especially on the road.

We are a distracted people. And by “we” I mean, you know, humans. Even before the pandemic I was noticing that everyone just seems…distracted. I don’t just mean the “walking into walls because staring at the smartphone” phenomenon, either. Although watching someone smack their head on a street sign that didn’t, in fact, jump in front of them without warning does feed my occasional need for schadenfreude, I have to admit.

This gets real for me when I see the same level of distraction in drivers. After being knocked off my motorcycle back in January by a driver who ran through a stop sign, I’ll admit to being a little more sensitive to this. But seriously people, what is it that you’re doing that’s more important than piloting your 2,000 lb metal projectile?!

What’s the root of this lack of focus? Too many are blaming tech companies for designing their apps to be addictive. I’m by no means letting them off the hook, and believe me, I’m no fan of these companies. I just think there’s more to it. Would their apps be addictive if we weren’t so readily distracted by shiny objects? Which came first, the shiny thing or our lack of focus and ability to stay on course for more than 10 seconds?
There’s more here, so this is now a stub in my drafts folder to be unpacked in an upcoming post. Or series of posts if I can stay focused long enough to churn out that many words.

What the world needs…now…is empathy.

Without falling into the deep end of personality traits and differences in nervous systems…I’m an empath. Not empathetic, though I am that, too. An empath. I can capitalize it if it helps, Empath. It means that my mirror neurons have an easy time not only reflecting someone else’s emotions, they go the extra mile and I actually absorb those emotions. I can be having a great day, then step into a room with someone just radiating FML vibes and before I realize what’s happening, I’m a curmudgeon hell-bent on making my own day miserable.

The thing is, the more I learn about this trait the more I find myself able to control it. And that has opened my eyes to the true power of empathy.
And by control it, I do not mean that I can control other people’s emotions. That’s messed up. What I can do is throttle down my response to their feelings and moods, allowing me to react in a manner that reflects the fact that I truly get it. The other person can sense that I not only know how they feel, I feel how they feel. and that frees them to let some of that negative energy go, and that right there is the power of empathy. Allowing someone else to release some of whatever is weighing them down so they can move on to what’s next.

And the best part? Anyone can do that. All it takes is a bit of mindfulness. Looks like yet another post in the works…

How do electronic devices know their time has come?

On a much more mundane topic—how do electronic devices know when to die? I mean, my laptop is 3 years old and my phone is an iPhone 6…so more like 5 years old? Whatever, the point is that they’ve both decided that now is the time to just up and end it all. Between the fact that Apple won’t let me update the OS on my phone anymore and the laptop is rebooting itself at random moments through the day…how do they know?

Has 2020 been the longest decade ever, or what?

Overplayed dad jokes aside, this has been a crazy year. No matter how you look at it. no matter how many perspectives you shuffle around and peer at it from. And no matter who you are or where you’re from. Weirdness is weirdness, no matter the language. That’s all I got for this one. Just something that crossed my mind, or, well, continues to cross my mind on a nearly constant basis these days.

How do people write this crap?

Actual verbiage in a job description: “Lead the identification, planning, and execution of improvement initiatives to support shared operational functions” guess the job title? Nope.

Check out if you haven’t already. The quote above was not created there, at least not by me. It is an actual entry on a job description I read.

The job? Content writer. I wish I was kidding.

if something doesn’t serve, stop it.

This is something that came up during a meditation the other day. I never realized until recently how widespread this actually was. I seem to have been built with an ability to just stop doing things. I’ve quit social media. I don’t drink anymore. Don’t watch TV. I can go on, but the important thing is that I’ve been able to just stop doing these things.

yet, it seems the vast majority of the population is NOT able to do that. Whether it’s leaving Facebook or Twitter, going sober, or whatever. And yes, I realize there are addictive substances at play with some of this and that opens whole other issues. I’m not an expert, so won’t get into those aspects until I’ve learned a lot more about them. What I do want to explore (in yet another post already in development) is just what is it that allows me to just up and stop doing things that don’t serve me while others just…can’t.

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